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Mojdeh (Mojie) is an experienced teacher/ tutor who has been working with the Toronto School Board for more than 17 years. She’s been teaching all different school aged students. Her passion and dedicated work help each individual to be successful . All her resources and books are based on the Ontario Curriculum. Every child is special and has his/her own special way of learning. After a free assessment she will place each candidate in their right group to assist them properly. The studio is located in North York, ON.

Classes and Events

Tutoring classes (individual or group of 3- 5 kids)
  ● Math ( K-12)
  ● language (reading, phonics and writing) (K-12)
  ● chess
         - Analyzing
         - Puzzles
         - Learning different openings and tactics
         - Friendly games
         - Tournaments
Online classes are also available .

Holiday Events and group gatherings

  ● Halloween
  ● Yalda …...Upcoming event!!
  ● Christmas
  ● Valentine’s Day
  ● Nowruz
  ● Easter
  ● Mother’s Day Celebration
  ● Father’s Day Celebration

Monthly Gathering
  ● Board Games and group fun activities and games

Camp (Indoor and Outdoor Based Education Camp)
  ● Winter Break Camp
  ● Spring/ March Break Camp
  ● Summer Camp

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